"i wish i had
the confidence to finish my
work. i feel like i need to be
validated by someone else saying,
hey, that's good.
but why do i need
that sort of ap-
proval? i should 
be the one to say
hey this is done.
but i don't. i lack
my own sense of vision
sometimes. i think i have
a good idea about things until
i realize it's better when i 
receive feedback. isn't being 
a true artist mean being un-
apologetic about your own 
work? even this piece. i feel 
like i have the skills to produce
a good outline or idea of what
my vision is however i
feel like i don't know how to finish it. do i 
lack a certain training
or skill needed that
others have? sometimes
i feel like i can't 
even truly call myself
an artist. does being
one mean you must be
learned in the art
world? like the more
i can name drop or tell
you why the fucking mona
lisa is important. but
isn't that against the
point? maybe wheat it
is is the feeling
the artist expresses and 
if that can come 
across in the work. take
this girl for example.
i thought i was going
to make a pretty
fashion drawing. 
chic as fuck, but
on impulse i decided that she needed to 
be sad. to cry, 
can you see that
in her eyes?  even if
i didn't draw tears?
so what does this say
about myself? am i
sad? is there a longing
that has been weighing inside
myself that i have been trying to mask? i just
paused to draw that hole
in the chest thing.
i don't know if i regret 
it yet. this is what i'm
fucking talking about.
now i'm not even liking this piece.
which is what
scares me about
traditional mediums.
no backspace button
which i think 
is dwindling my
work. what the 
fuck did i say?
that was an in-
correct use of  the 
word dwindling. i 
don't think this is
helping my confidence
in myself to better 
my art. i'm scared.
of what? rejection.
it's scary to put your
work out there. i think 
there are very few
pieces of work that
i have created i'm
truly happy & proud
of. i'm going to
go masturbate
now. -trix"


Beautiful Beginings

2013 is the result of the shift in change left over from the Age of Aquarius. 
Today [Feb. 3] is apart of the Aquarius Zodiac.
I undoubtedly have been feeling the symptoms of change. In the 3 main aspects of life: 





The road less traveled is in my opinion, the only route for me. I've always considered myself a lone wolf, in the most positive sense. Here's to welcoming change & growth with open arms.


ty ty

have not posted in a while, too many things have been happening..but when i stop being lazy i will update with my adventures...


arcade fire


by RonAlan Cruz

free people contrast ruffle tee
vintage candy cutoffs
jeffrey campbell paint litas

shop all at Plum for Polly ;)



It's (was) that time of year again: Ye Olde Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Dragged me mates for their first times. The day consisted of impromptu drunken dancing, bacon wrapped asparagus, titties galore, archery, and pirate serenades. T'was a good day indeed.

Pulled together my gypsy outfit last minute, used the green scarf left over from The Oddwood shoot back in Febuary (this post)

thrifted crop top: $6, pleated palazzo pants: $2, tassel earrings: $7, scarves, tassels, and belts: found around the house
total: $15

the lovely Tits McGee. she is quite abundant in....milk

Dave and his poultry limb

donkey washers

Barbarians! or Mongolians? Nah... not Asian enough.

Wouldn't be a trip to the Ren Faire without catching a Dread Crew of Oddwood show

can't wait till next year!

photos by Dave


tiny purse

coat: borrowed from Linds, blouse: thrifted $2, corduroy shorts: $2, stockings: $1, socks: dads, shoes: thrifted Chilis from this post $9, chain necklace: $3, tiny purse: $1

I freaking love my tiny purse. When I first saw it at the thrift store I literally laughed out loud for a good 5 minutes. What's even better is the front pocket is like a wallet and has a place to hold my id and credit cards...super convenient. Aaaand it can be converted into a single or double strap. Second day in SF was amazing. We met up with the lovely Linds (or should I say Elle) and she was kind enough to be our tour guide for the day. Shopping at Haight & Ashbury, breakfast at Squat & Gobble (I had my favorite belgian waffles with strawberries), and VIP sightseeing. In Elle's words, How perf! Thank you again Linds and Laura for providing transportation!

Got berry juice on the scarf I borrowed from Lene -____-

Ride or Die Homies

photos by Dave


yay area

My mini getaway to San Francisco was amazing to say the least. Nothing beats exploring a cultured city's eateries, sights, and sounds with some of your best friends. We arrived at our airport, all of us running on little to zero hours of sleep. Me being forever alone, my ticket placed me away from Dave and Lene who sat next to eachother. When I attempted to switch my seat, the mean asian lady simply said "No. It aisle seat." Either way the hour long flight was perfect for a power nap so I was fine the rest of the day.

thrifted cardigan: $2, thrift ed loose tee: $2, foreign exchange drop crotch leggings: $10, stone necklace: gift, hat: $1, thrifted purse: $2, H by Halston sandles: $65. total: $82

Last minute disposing of our products over 3 oz. to avoid a $25 bag check fee

I love those handy dandy little garters that seem to accompany all those 90s floral rompers. Used it to cinch a loose tee for more dimension. You can see a better draping effect in this picture:

Lalene's blogger friend Miss Kathleen of Inspirifashion was so kind to meet up with us and take us shopping around Union Square. I loved her, not only does she have awesome style but she has Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat" memorized and is down to get drunk and belt it out at a karaoke bar with us. Challenge accepted. ;)

all amazing photos by Dave